A moment is gone in an instant and it’s my responsibility to capture the love, chaos, and adventure that unfolds and connect it into a lasting story. Your story. Your adventure! As a creative documentary photographer I take a step back allowing those moments to take place. I want you to forget I'm even present as you love, laugh, and flirt! You make the memories, I’ll preserve them along the way.


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Check out my portfolio or my selection of favorite images. I love the opportunity to create these candid portraits that allow real moments to happen.



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Hi! Feel free to read a little about me and how I like to work. I studied photography at Columbia College Chicago and have spent my life obsessing over the visual arts. I love to travel and eat weird new food. I play the violin, and I love films especially the old musicals. TCM is often just left running through the day at my home.


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This is the important part! Fill out my form and tell me all about you and your fiancé. What do you love to do together? What are you passionate about? I'll send you a quick response and we can get on the phone together as soon as possible. From there we'll get a feel for one another and get the process started.