*by Artistrie Co. 

The first photograph I ever took. My subjects are my Grandma Cleveland and my Mom who is trying to show me where to point the camera!



In my family art means adventure. My mother would wake me up well before dawn to grab a photo as the frost clung to the trees and the sun rose. I realized early on that photography permitted me to view the world in all its forms, allowing me to connect with family, friends, and even strangers on a deeper level. I interned with the Daily Herald after college where I met people on the street and found ways to tell their stories whether that was just a moment or a day spent listening to their stores and surrounded by what makes them their own individual. I naturally slid into wedding photography where I have the opportunity to take an in-depth look at a family large or small. I love the chance to have fun with you on your big day and share in this experience with you. I love the pure joy and raw emotions that this particular life event draws from people and Iā€™m honored that I get to capture it all.